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By Miri Shechtman

Matrushka is a combination of 2 words. The first – Matryoshka – the famous feminine doll which treasures 'surprises' beneath its surface. The second – Marushka – the nick name given to me by my parents while growing up in Ukraine.

I started painting at the age of 5. A love provoked by an encounter with a horse. Enchanted and inspired by the noble and beautiful creature I went home and started to paint it. from then on, I never stopped. Today, I live and paint in Tel Aviv.

For me – the Matrushka is a symbol of feminine strength, a world of childhood memories, a compelling icon of beauty and colors, which holds intriguing secrets beneath its surface. I see it as a link between the inner and the outer world, the past and the future, reality and imagination, the real and the surreal. A source of inspiration. A vehicle for the journey. A journey which started back then at age 5 and never ceased up until today.

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